Promoting Educational and Positive Learning Skills.

Serving Nashville and Surrounding Areas for over 17 Years


  • All children can learn
  • ​Learning is a life-long process
  • ​Every individual has a different way of learning
  • Students learn best when their individual learning style is  recognized and addressed
  • ​Early intervention is essential for a child to effectively progress through his/her educational years and move toward independent thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving
  • Education should empower students to participate effectively in life
  • ​Children will believe more in themselves when they experience success in learning, strengthen their academic skills, and equip themselves to expand their learning
  • Our tutors provide students with an understanding that classroom learning is relevant to daily experiences
  • ​Quality one-on-one tutoring is essential for the struggling learner

Mission and Beliefs

We are dedicated to the academic well being of students of all ages. Our mission is to provide high quality one-on-one tutoring and high quality testing services, which we believe help students achieve academic success. We design programs and services that will meet the needs of students and promote life-long learning. We work to instill in students a renewed confidence in their ability to learn.